10 Honorable Mentions which Developed the World of Photography

Charles Louis Chevalier:

Charles Louis Chevalier

In 1839, he began selling Giroux Daguerreotype Camera which was fitted with an achromatic lens. This camera is believed to be the first camera which was made available for public consumption.Later, in 1840, he built the first Folding Camera, the Le Photographe. A whole plated camera that could be folded to a packing size.

In 1851, co-founded Société Héliographique, the first photographic society.

Also renowned for his contribution towards the development of Daguerreotype.

William Henry Fox Talbot:

In 1841, he replaced the use of silver-plated copper by sensitized paper. He named this process as ‘Calotype’, also called talbotype. This was the first negative from which multiple positive prints were able to be produced.

Frederick Scott Archer:

In 1851, development of wet plate negatives. Because of the Collodion Process, multiple copies of a picture could be made. His work made photographs available to the general public.

Hamilton Lanphere Smith:

In 1856, patented tintype photographic process. A thin sheet of iron was used to provide a base for light-sensitive material, yielding a positive image. This patent popularized photography in America.

Thomas Sutton:

In 1859, patented Panoramic Camera.

Richard Leach Maddox:

In 1871, invented gelatin dry plate silver bromide process. Negatives were no longer had to be developed immediately. He was awarded by Royal Photographic Society’s Progress Medal for inventions that based the foundation of the dry plate and film industry.

George Eastman:

In 1888, founded Kodak camera.In 1889, he invented flexible film roll. He made photography accessible to the general public with a box camera and 100 exposures.In 1900, launched first Mass Marketed Camera named Brownie.With the tagline of ”Kodak moment”, the company dominated the industry for the most of the 20th century.

Russell A. Kirsch:

In 1957, developed first digital image scanner. By this process, an image could be transferred to digital computer memory.

Willard Sterling Boyle:

In 1969, alongside partner George E. Smith, invented charge-coupled device—the CCD sensor. This sensor became electronic eye in almost all areas of photography. The partners received Noble Prize in Physics for their contribution in 2009.

Steven Sasson:

He was an engineer in Kodak. In 1975, he built the very first Digital Camera. The camera took 23 seconds to capture one image.

Besides, the images produced were only in Black and White.

Writer : Siddhesh Parab

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