These  10 Rare Auditions of Known Celebrities for Famous Roles in Hollywood Movie prove aptly that –

 “If you don’t Practice, You don’t deserve to Win” – Andre Agassi”


This is a list of those Unknown and rarely seen Auditions of Now Known Celebrities for famous roles. Most of the stars included in this list started their career by going through a lengthy audition process, sometime for more than once.

For them – “Every Practice was a Learning Process” and because of this learning they were able to land for their breakthrough famous roles.

This list includes auditions and screen tests of those celebrities who have played blockbuster movie superheroes.

Like, Jason Momoa’s Auditions for Khal Drago on “Game of Thrones”. Robert Downey Jr.’s “Iron Man” Screen Test. Also Megan Fox’s Audtions for “Transformers”.

These roles became famous because somewhere all celebrities followed – 

“Do it over and over Again until it becomes part of who you are”


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