What is Industrial Photography

Photography has many categories already. Industrial Photography is one of them. Industrial Photography is the pre- process or we can say the other side of ‘Product Photography’. An art to show the manufacturing or construction process.

Photography is all about vision. You should know what you want. There are many photography schools. They would teach you how take pictures but they cannot teach you what to click. It is just you to understand that. People don’t care how you click the pictures, they don’t even care which camera you used. They only see the last product.

Plus, as an Industrial Photographer, you need to take care of your camera first of all because in such manufacturing workshops, you will find heavy cranes, oily surface, metallic welding sparks, automatic machines, tangled chains, dust and too many metallic scraps. So be careful with your things. You also need to wear all the safety things such as helmet, gloves, shoes and glasses. Set your eyes. Set your camera. Look for the best composition. Foreground. Lighting. Simplicity. Texture. Lines. Sometimes back light makes your picture more beautiful. So don’t ignore it. Try to see beauty in anything and everything. Wait for the good shots. Don’t be hasty. And also remember, background does matter a lot. Do look for the details. Pay more attention what is coming into your frame uninvited. It can ruin your picture.

There are so many good cameras that can give you the best result. 5D mark 3 is one of the best cameras for this kind of photography.

There are so many good cameras that can give you the best result. 5D Mark 3 is one of the best cameras for this kind of photography. It would be great if you have good numbers of lenses like in wide -16-35, Zoom lens 70-300, 50 mm. fix lens and 24-105. You should have filters for your lenses. Make sure that you have enough packs of batteries and memory cards. In case if you are making videos, you should have a smooth slider and dolly tracks with tripod, especially for documentary videos. It can give you a really good result and increases the value of your video. If you have extra lighting set-up then even better. There are lots of opportunities in industrial photography such as making industrial documentaries, projects for oil & gas refineries, corporate event videos, construction process and making manufacturing process. Make more contacts because contacts make contracts. Good luck to all the beginners out there. Work hard and “Follow Your Frames”.
Thank you!

Writer – Dinesh Rathod (Roy)
(An Industrial Photographer)
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