Video Editing

Video editing is a process of editing, manipulating etc. the video and images in the desired sequence with the help of trimming, adding transitions and applying effects on videos so as to get willing output.It’s a part of a post-production. There are 5 types of video editing

Types Of Video Editing

  • Linear Video Editing – It’s the editing of video images in predetermined ordered sequence. It was mainly used for editing video tapes.
  • Non-linear Video Editing System (NLE) – Non-linear video editing is the editing where original content in not modified and editing is done on specialized editing softwares like Final Cut Pro (FCP), Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid etc. In this, original content is not changed instead it is later manipulated, modified etc. In specializing software.
  • Offline Editing – It is the editing where the editor copies the footage from an original source and later edits the copy without affecting the original raw footage.
  • Online Editing – It is the editing which is done at the final stage of video production. It is performed after offline video editing.
  • Vision Mixing – It is the process to directly cut live feed coming from multiple cameras. It is used to cut captures from live television and video production in real time. Example live musical concert, cricket match, etc.


It primarily helps filmmakers and editors to cut out unwanted footage and add necessary footages to the sequence including transitions and effects for better visual output. Basically, It helps filmmakers and editors to increase or decrease the length of the footage.


Video editing is one of the useful technique which helps filmmakers to cut down unnecessary footages and help look the final video better by adding effects and transitions if needed. It is used for films, short films, ad films, personal videos, etc. It also a great career option. By learning the fundamentals of editing and learning some editing applications, one can build a great career in video editing department.

Writer: Aakash Solanki

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