VFX is the abbreviation of Visual Effects. In Filmmaking, VFX is the process where Video Footage or Images are created outside the Circumstance of live action shoot. Visual Effects can be also termed as CGI ( Computer Generated Imagery) where effects are made on Computers with the help of different 3D and VFX applications.

VFX is properly Planned in Pre-Production, And later executed in Production and/or Post-Production.VFX Supervisor is responsible for helping to achieve the desired effects as per the script’s demand and director’s Visuals and angles. He is also responsible for a smooth workflow from live action shoot to artists working later on live shots in Post-Production to achieve the desirable outputs.

Need For VFX

VFX comes in importance when the effects are fictitious or dangerous to shoot live.

Examples :

A) Fictitious :
1) Filming particles spreading from a fairy’s wand or wings.
2) Filming a ghost.

B) Dangerous:
1) Filming Explosion.
2) Destroying a city.

Advantages & Disadvantages

– Freedom to create almost anything which is not possible in live action shoot.
– Embedding live footages with VFX gives us unbelievable outputs eliminating the danger while filming dangerous shots like explosions.

– VFX in most times is time-consuming. It takes more time to achieve desirable output comparing to live action shoot.
– VFX is very expensive. Most of the times it costs more than live action shoot.


VFX is a growing trend in recent years with new technologies and applications for the smooth working of VFX pipeline and to achieve and also increase the quality of output. It also opens new doors for artists and filmmakers to expand their visuals of creativity.

Writer: Aakash Solanki

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